Diet’s Do Not Lead To Lifestyle Changes (Opinion Post)

Diets are not lifestyle changes. Perhaps they are for the short term. But what about the long term? I know when people go on diets they are looking for a change, but why do most people who go on diets fail? I believe it is because diets normally imply a way of living that is […]

How I Avoid Injury During Exercise

Many believe to get a good workout you have to go as hard as possible; do all the jumps and down to the ground squats. I will admit, I used to believe this as well. I quickly received a reality check. Early on in my journey, I began experiencing a ton of injuries. I have […]

My Favorite Healthy Pancakes Recipe

Every weekend I treat myself to these delicious pancakes. They are my favorite weekend breakfast! They are sweet and filling with natural sugars and no flour. I have tried many different pancake recipes and after having made them for quite some time now, this is what I have found to create the best tasting cakes! […]

Live For Today [Motivation]

Track your health one day at a time. Instead of worrying how you will stay healthy for weeks or months, break it down. How can you be your best in this single day? What can you make out of this day? Take those 24 hours and own them. Don’t worry about tomorrow when you have […]

Happy Body, Happy Mind

How do I feel? What’s different? Is my current mood a reflection on how I feel? These are questions I constantly ask myself. When I had poor health, I never thought twice about why I felt the way I did. My body was constantly trying to get my attention, but I wasn’t listening, it turn, […]

Working Hard or Hardly Working? [Thought Post]

If living a healthy lifestyle was easy, everyone would be in perfect health. An unhealthy lifestyle has been made a normality. We have been trained that doing less is better. That the easy way is the best way. That it shouldn’t be our jobs to even do the work. Yes, going home to make a […]

I Had Summer Anxiety

Pools, beaches, bathing suits, dresses, shorts, and tank tops. A short defining list of the summer season. However, my summer list used to be different. Mine consisted of long sleeved shirts, jeans, sweatshirts, and sweaters. Summer meant a whole season of extra insecurities with myself. A season of anxiety. I didn’t only cover up my […]

[Thought] Body Positive Movement Can Be Self Destructive

This post is not to be confused with the body acceptance post I made. I do however need to add a disclaimer. The definition of body acceptance I have is very different than the actual term. Body acceptance, to me, meant accepting and acknowledging my unhealthy body in its true form, then putting a stop […]